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To take from, either Violently, Sexually, or Passively
1. Im gonna grump that bitches V-card tonight when shes wasted.
2. Im gonna go grump some fresh chipolte
3. Im going to grump your life on Call of Duty 4.
by fresh grundle November 27, 2008
adj. Something that is totally awesome
Dude this Burrito is totally grumps yo!

That shit is Grumps!
by Willmerson September 07, 2007
the act of precipitating saliva out of one's mouth, usually by a dog
Sanford the bulldog grumps a lot on the sidewalk.
by Theebag October 14, 2006
The act of placing ones bare ass on a subject's face while said subject is sleeping.
"Mark fell asleep with his shoes on, so Jason grumped him.
When Mark woke up, he was visibly upset."
by SneezeFart July 21, 2013
Cole Sprouse
Person 1: Cole is a grump
by imsofab October 23, 2012
The act of kissing, possibly groping someone but there is no evidence to prove it.
I grumped her I did
by grb2011 October 29, 2011
To take a dump while walking.
I was walking back from school the other day, and I totally grumped. It was epic!
by nom du plume January 11, 2011