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Your parents parents, usually old. You may not want to visit them now, but when they open up, you will hear well-spun stories of their "glory days". And if you are lucky you will hear stories of their many diffrent conquests, being either drugs or boyfriends/girlfriends. War stories are a popular and exiting one. Maybe their immagration from a diffrent country in times of need. They will enjoy talking to their grandchildren, offering advice or just being in your presence. Enjoy them while they last, they are not here for ever.
Grandpa: "I remember when I was 22 and me and my friend bought some LSD and went train-hopping around Canada"

Grandchild: "really?"

Grandma: "Oh william! don't give bobby any ideas!"

Grandpa: *laughing* "but they were the best times of my life"

grandson: *thinking* 'I can't wait to tell my kids funny stories of drugs, drinking, and women!'
long live grandparents!
by miklus June 04, 2006
A lame excuse used as to not spend time with someone of the opposite sex.
"I cannot come over because my grandparents are over for dinner."
by Disgruntled bitch February 08, 2004
The greatest source of wisdom and advice next to the bible
I wish i would've taken advantage of my grandparent
by Sexiest July 18, 2011
Grandparents are like back-up parents.
"Hey there go my back-up parents!"
"Don't you mean grandparents?"
"They're my back-up parents!
by grandparent January 26, 2014
Humans who have an excessive amount of vanilla scented candles in their homestead
"Do you have a banana in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?"

"Nah girl, these are just the vanilla scented candles my grandparents gave me."
by Mynameisjim July 06, 2016
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