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to touch another in an aggressively sexual way
he groped her uncontrollably during foreplay
by marilyn October 09, 2002
to talk shit
John was baggin on some chick for walking boe-legged.
by Marilyn September 22, 2003
a type of medicine that cleans you out, or makes u poo. gives u fiber...comes in capsules or drinks...tastes sooooo bad
ugh, i hate metamucil!
by marilyn February 19, 2005
cool, in style, sweet, hip
and all the girls think im pretty fich for a white guy
by marilyn January 28, 2004
The intended title for a pornographic film project now in the works; intended to advance Texas jurisprudence.
Hey, have you seen "Oral Argument" yet? It's awesome.
by Marilyn February 04, 2005
disgusting fiber drink to help constipation
ewww, its metumucil thats gross!!
by marilyn February 24, 2005
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