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A beautiful girl. Smart, funny, with an name that is unique. She can't be defined, only loved! She is going places in her life!
by jammag February 03, 2010
A man who tends to drink so much, that they feel compelled to sleep with the largest woman within a 200ft radius.
Man i can't believe i done a Kiernan Last night.
by LeFlem September 11, 2008
An 8th grade boy of average looks. A cowboy even though he denies it. Often called "queirnan". Likes to lead multiple girls on at a time. Can turn friendships bad. A little bit of a slacker to give a carefree label.
"Did you hear, he made those two best friend turn against each other... What a kiernan!"
by Benny cox <3 January 13, 2012
A boy who is unusually obsessed with the number 69.
Wow, that guy is such a kiernan!

by Seis Nueve November 14, 2007

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