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To get drunk off of one drink.
Kiernan: Yo I'm so drunk right now!

Matt: You've only had one drink, your totally grubbed.

Kiernan: Nah it's all good.

Matt: What a fuckboy.
by demboys April 26, 2014
exactly the same as getting tigged, created in the same time period, but instead of getting high, it refers to drinking excessive amounts of alcohol
JT, rene, cody and eric all had plans to buy some Ropa and 40's and get grubbed
by Skeet (JT) May 12, 2006
Exactly the same thing and backround as "tigged" but instead of using drugs it refers to drinkin excessive amounts of alcohol.
JT called up cody and rene to tell them that eric bought some 40's and ropa and we were about to get grubbed as shit!
by Skeet (JT) May 12, 2006
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