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Generally a small grubby boy that resembles a pig both physically and in mannerisms. AKA a 'swinefart' Often found wallowing in their own filth.
"you are such mynhart"
"ugh! you are swiney little swinefart"
"you grubby little grubber"
by knowledge guru September 04, 2008
12 3
A person usually from the North of England with few social graces and poor general hygiene. Someone who revels in a maintaining a grubby façade. Usually eats copious amounts of onions.
Doesn't John Prescott own that pig farm?

Yeah man, what a Grubber.
by Bolemadger January 07, 2011
5 2
Verbe-To Gruber...very horrible bodily fonction,
he ate some expired ostriche eggs now he is grubering like anything...nastyfull
by pocket March 25, 2003
8 14
Fag, one who eats the man cock, shampoos his hair with sperm.
Dont be such a grubber.
by Frogkiller February 07, 2004
10 31