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something you put in your mouth and hope it comes out the other end
rub a dub-dub wheres my grub?
by eConnor February 24, 2005
7 12
Feral humans who couldnt be fucked pronouncing words correctly because they seem to think that it may infringe on the time they spend bludging $$$$ out of the government...or gubment if you prefer. Also prone to name their children after characters in "The Bold & the Beautiful"
Government = Gubment
Daughter = Dawwwda
Toilet = Torlet
Kitten = Kiddn
Cunt = Carrrrrrrn
Fucking = 'kn
Excuse me = OI!

"Ridge you 'kn liddel carrrn! If ya darn stop 'kn roun wif dem 'kn bikes I'll com ova there n kn' floor ya, boy."
by btrix January 14, 2005
7 12
one who comes to the olive garden only for the free salad and bread sticks and complains so much that they stop the order; when the bill comes for dinner he will wait till theres change and take out more then he put in; is known to order only water cause of the cost; cheap
How are we short, Tony took all the fives again
by Big-T November 05, 2004
6 11
noun. a person who frequently depletes resources of some short (most often, but not limited to - food)

see also (bogart)
that stupid grub ate all the damn fritos again
by mullett December 20, 2002
4 9
Word used to describe the action of getting hight/stoned/ripped or twisted out of your skull on the dankest shit one can procure
Reefer 1 "Lets get some grub"
Reefer 2 "Sounds good to me"
Reefer 3 "Not that dirt shit that we had for the past 3 days"
Reefer 1 "Fuck no, I stole some from the hospital"
by [AoH] Reefer Head Clan July 07, 2006
5 14
A dirty person whom dwells in the town of Kentville. Usually loud, annoying and dirty.
"That bus stop is full of grubs"

"Holy fuck your grubby today"
by oojuu March 25, 2003
8 17
Dog Food for wild animals (referring to wild humans)
jessica is eating baby food
by tracie patterson March 28, 2003
2 12