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A term used to describe a fighting style or technic. To take one's opponent to the ground, establish a dominant position. Usually a top position(i.e., mount, side mount, half mount, etc. can also be used while in one's "guard"). Then reign down punches, elbows and forearm strikes to the downed fighter. This is used in MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) or any other NHB (no holds barred) fight.
Tito is one of the best at ground and pound.
by United Fight Club June 03, 2006
Coined by Mark "The Hammer" Coleman during a pre-fight interview at the UFC.
"I'm gonna ground and pound the goddamn shit out of him" -- Mark Coleman
by John Robinson October 11, 2005
Refers both to the actual act of and the overall strategy of taking one's opponent down in order to batter him unconscious with fist strikes from a dominant position. Very common in MMA competition.
I am going to ground and pound your ass!
by Ashida Kim April 25, 2005
a phrase to be used when you want to describe how you want to violently have sex with an occupant after grappling them to the floor; please note: this occupant should be willing, aint on no rape ting.
Person 1: You like my new girlfriend?

Person 2: She'd probably get a ground and pound.
by Raaaas May 11, 2008
A term used to describe a male having anal sexual intercourse with a female from behind, with her gluteus maximus perched upwards and her upper body angled downwards. The male extends his right or left leg forward and steps on the female's head, and rigorously thrusts his genitals while applying the majority of his weight into the foot on the females head.
I mounted the bitch and gave her a pay per view ground and pound.
by LoveDoc2010 December 07, 2010
UFC maneuver in which a man who was a failure at karate, wrestling, boxing and any competitive sport, mounts a semi-conscious complete stranger who has done no wrong by him, and then proceeds to beat him to near death, there-by taking out years and years of aggression on him.
Did you see Frank Trigg ground and pound that guy?! Wow Frank has to feel better about himself now.

Those MMA guys are all pussies! Especially the one that just got grounded and pounded!
by NVA Barry January 25, 2006
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