a person who is typically one of the the most annoying people on the planet, also a generally hated person that other people would want to hurt...alot
Did you see that groth at the mall? I just wanted to punch him in the face.
by masta f***ing beast January 30, 2010
Top Definition

To act in a manner showing that you are frustrated, annoyed, or just angry.


To be in a state of acting "grothy".
"I am feeling very full of groth today, please leave me alone."
by Blinky February 14, 2005
an extremely ginormous, huge, overweight, colossal cock
Boy 1: Bro. I need some new pants, my groth ripped right through them last night when I had an erection

Boy 2: :O ;P
by mercurialzeropuma17 April 08, 2011
A small furry animal used for lunging.
"Don't forget to keep lungin' those groths!"
by zimman August 02, 2005
in music : a style of sound and dress that crosses grunge with goth
both Greenday and Avril Lavigne are lookin' a lil groth these days
by defenestrate February 23, 2005
to hold a penis and suck it at the same time
i was at this party last night and I got grothed by this mexican ho
by chron-man June 03, 2004
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