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To act in a manner showing that you are frustrated, annoyed, or just angry.


To be in a state of acting "grothy".
"I am feeling very full of groth today, please leave me alone."
by Blinky February 14, 2005
n.a semi hard erection. v. in the act of getting an erection.
origins - from liz r. and her horny creativity
Liz bent over and i had a bonerish, but when she came over and poked me in the right spot, i got a boner.
by Blinky June 12, 2004
Breaking down the door with a battering ram. Usually done by law enforcement.
The FBI came to my door hard knocking looking for drugs.
by Blinky July 06, 2004
1. The characteristic features of a bird, animal or plant which distinguish it from other species that resemble it.
that bird has many jizzes
by blinky January 11, 2004
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