Grog is a magical potion that is commonly served in bars and pubs that bestows upon the drinker awesome powers.

Possible awesome powers include;

Becoming the most knowledgable and funny man alive.
Superhuman strength.
Inability to feel pain.
Inability to stand up.
Desire to mate with the nearest member of the opposite species, regardless of their level of attractiveness, availability, or how dead they are.

I love grog.
"Come on, you grog swilling grogger, let's get down to the grogging grog shop before we run out of grog"

"I love grog"
by Martyn 'Grogsbury' Chuzzlegrog December 05, 2003
A kind of beer or lager that is usually consumed by mighty pirates with a side of pretzels.
Yarr, I'm Guybrush Threepwood, mighty pirate! I drink my grog and plunder the mysterious isles of Lucre, Jumbalaya, and Monkey.
by Puchie D November 11, 2002
Grog- used as slang for Marijuana
originated in Nottingham, England by the "Grogg Brigade", to refer to Marijunana/Weed and can also be to refer to the state one reaches after consumption: ie: to be groggy, or "dude i'm grogged". alterations are known: he's a grog-dog (some who partakes frequently)
It's a heath!
by Dave "Grog" Wilson March 09, 2007
a Grog is a person within a large group of friends that is not bullied, but is generally the focus of the pain/happy slapping(which is as bad the holocaust according to a certain teacher)/swearing/etc within the group.
Personally, i am the 'Grog' of my group of friends
by Euan Forrest March 06, 2006
The sound produced by the Zwaratian Battleships when entering the third moon of Krondor.
Yes, well, it went 'Grog' and I pissed my pants.
by TheXorcist February 12, 2003
Contained in the Bowl of Social Graces, it is a concoction so secretive that no one person can know all of its ingredients.
Sir, may I have another?
by amey August 20, 2004
Big hairy lovable creature. Love to drink Rum.
Holy fuck did you see that grog running across our lawn.
by Chris Urban December 15, 2003

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