The Grog is a magical concoction of what can only be described as a 'strong alcoholic substance' that when produced, is a statement to raise the level of the event in question to a point of epic proportions.

Once 'Grogged', the drinker soon becomes unable to tell if one is coming or going, resulting in either (or sometimes all) of the following:
- life and soul of the party
- the loss of feeling in all limbs
- an extreme want to sleep
- vomiting
- extreme cases of 'Jumperexia'

After cases of 'Grogged' behaviour, one is not expected to return to normal for days, even weeks.
"Get the Grog!"
"Get grogged!"
"Grog it up!"
"Tonight Matthew, I'm going to be Grogged!"
"You've got the Grog I need to see me through!"
by grog July 27, 2012
A diluted mixture of rum that originally included sugar and citrus juice. Slang associated with it is "Tanky", the server of it. Served in a "can" no matter what the vessel was. It was discussed in its water to rum ratio by compass points and in numbers, north being pure rum and east being water. The authentic recipe is so short and excellent, I'll give it to you:
Grog 1:4/four-water
half cup rum
pint water
1/8 cup sugar
" " lime or lemon
"Five-water grog? Give me some more northing!" (north = more alcohol)
"Oi! Tanky, me grog can!"

by Sir Joseph Porter October 06, 2006
The singer from Gothic Metal band, Die So Fluid
Happy Hallowe'en (song by grog)
by \\-Blood Pigs-// October 29, 2008
A drinking game where players attempt to shoot multiple quarters into an ice cube tray and drink from a community cup called "the grog."
Wow, I'm still not in the six club. That was a rough night of grog.
by Isaac M. September 11, 2007
The opposite of a faggot, and is almost always used as an insult.
Julian: Dude, that guy is such a faggot!
Adrian: No, he's a grog.
Cameron: Oh yeah, he is a grog!
by Bloofreez November 24, 2013
Keen to get sum grog?
by Diego September 20, 2003
Grog is a magical potion that is commonly served in bars and pubs that bestows upon the drinker awesome powers.

Possible awesome powers include;

Becoming the most knowledgable and funny man alive.
Superhuman strength.
Inability to feel pain.
Inability to stand up.
Desire to mate with the nearest member of the opposite species, regardless of their level of attractiveness, availability, or how dead they are.

I love grog.
"Come on, you grog swilling grogger, let's get down to the grogging grog shop before we run out of grog"

"I love grog"
by Martyn 'Grogsbury' Chuzzlegrog December 05, 2003

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