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one who is a grouchy bitch.
Are you on the rag? You're being a huge gritch.
by Seraphynae August 17, 2003
Grumpy + Bitch = Gritch i.e.; A grumpy ass bitch.
"Damn, gritch, gimme my bacon and eggs back!"
by Cutpurse October 07, 2003
(noun) A term of reference for your ex-wife or ex-girlfriend on Christmas. A combination of "Grinch" and "Bitch".
"How come you're not with your kids for Christmas?"
"Shut up, they're with the Gritch"

"Bobby, why so sad?"
"I got dumped on Christmas. The Gritch stole my christmas spirit".

("Grick" can be used to describe men)
by Crazy Savages December 25, 2009
As in "Suck My Gritch", a misenterpretation of "Suck my Kiss" from The RHCP Greatest Hits.
Give to mee sweet sacred bliss, that mout was made to suck my gritch.
by Zack And Matt January 09, 2005
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