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A brand of car that came out of Sweden. Probably one of the best cars to make into a sleeper, many have been modded to have over 400hp. Unlike most people think, modern Volvos are in fact very good looking and very fast for their price.
That Volvo owned that ricer in his Honda.
by Everruler December 27, 2006
A Daugavpils, Latvia based parkour clan. Composing of around 30 people, their flagship video "Le Parkour" (Often known as Russian Climbing) has found it's way through the internet. A sequel ("Le Parkour, Latvia Daugavpils 2005", known as Dvinsk Clan 2) was made, but wasn't as popular.
Dvinsk Clan is the greatest parkour clan ever.
by Everruler November 28, 2006
Most likely the group of kids at your school who yell the word 'Gritch' all day and sing dumbass songs with the word 'Gritch' in it. Pronounce 'Gritch' 'gr-EECH' like 'gr' from 'great' and 'EECH' from 'leech'.
Die Gritch Freaks die!!!!
by Everruler August 04, 2006
Most likely the group of kids at your school who act with the holier-than-thou additude, and hate on everyone else, except the hot girls with no minds of their own.
Mitch, Kale, and Jack are part of the Kool Kids Klan. They think they can beat anyone in a fight and that their girlfriends are so hot.
by Everruler July 22, 2006

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