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A CD that is released under almost every bands name. It supposedly contains the band's best material and often has a DVD with concerts, videos, interviews and such. Sometimes also released under the album name of "The Best Of."
I did a search for albums entitled "Greatest Hits" on, but the page never loaded because there were so many results.
by blah April 21, 2005
Not only a CD of an artist's supposed best material, but also a song by the Long Beach band Sublime, which is an under-rated and one of Sublime's greatest fans of Sublime of course
This man making money how I know
It won't be no man of me
In my bed I watch TV
I'm drunk by noon but that's ok
I'll be president someday
Light my cigarette and I think
that Bert Susanka made me drink
Load the box and I pump that shit
Got my Greatest Hits
by Jebus Kableezy July 09, 2005
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