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A currently unpopular GameFAQs word.

Not allowed: g-r-i-s, gr*s, g***, 9|-1$, girs, gryeeeas, grizznizz, **** (rhymes with "bris")
Allowed: ****, ****ed, ****ing, g'ed, g-word
1) He really grisses me off.
2) Gris you!
by pony slaystation January 12, 2004
Glitter-related injury*

Popularized by Jack McFarland from Will and Grace.
Jack wore an eye patch claiming he had a GRI but really he just had one eyebrow because he singed the other one off.
by shadyladies April 13, 2009
Smokeless tobacco, aka "dip"
Gimme a pinch of gris.
Hey, man, pass the gris.
by scary J funk April 15, 2004
a slut who thinks that all of her friends hate her..and guess what? THEY DO! cause she talks about people non stop, then lies about it!
gris :"hey - _____ is so gay, i hate her - what a slut"
a girl :"um not really but sort of i guess.."

20 minutes later...

gris:"hey guess what - this girl was calling you a slut! and i was trying to defend you and stuff...but she was sooo mean"
another girl "what a bitch! glad you're nice enough to tell me!"

by lalalalalala March 11, 2003
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