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When a woman's vaginal area becomes wet due to sexual arousal.
You're killing me. This foreplay makes my box all slickery.
by Shfifty June 02, 2005
When some is slick and slippery at the same time.
This lube feels good, it's slickery.
by Porciline February 06, 2005
Something that is so wet its almost greasy.
The hardwood floor was extremely slickery after i finished with that girl who was a squirter.
#wet #greasy #fluid #fall #dry
by nikelbag November 25, 2009
A contraction of the two words Slick and Slippery. Known to be created by me at the age of Four.
"Man that ice was slickery
#void of friction #slippery #slick #hard to walk on #an icy area
by J-Ramy June 25, 2006
Cance's definition of something that is both slippery and slick. (Chemistry term)
"This chemical is very slickery"
by Doug April 13, 2004
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