Actually,the word come from a popular song that the American soldiers sang during the Mexican-American War. The songs title was, "Green Grows the Liliacs". To older Mexicans, and Mexican-Americans the word IS intended as an insult.

Today, it is a word overused and has lost its original meaning.
The Mexican heard "green goes the lilacs" and the word gringo came into being.
by Jesus Torres November 27, 2006
Despite what some people think, it is a non-derogatory term used to name USA born people in countries like Mexico and Brazil.

Some people could call a foreign tourist (i.e. a french or a german) also "gringo" but it is only because they can't perceive (or don't care about) the obvious difference: language.

Female form: gringa.
Hi gringo!
There are some beautiful gringas in Cancun at springbreak.
by Dan April 12, 2004
The way we the Mexicans (aka. Beaners) know and/or insult US residents, most commonly known as Americans.
Mexican: Pinche gringo pendejo
Gringo: Don't cross the border, beaner
Mexican: nine eleven
Gringo: *stays quiet and go cuz he got owned*
by El Wizho February 29, 2008
it's the way Mexican people call the USA people (especially the white).

this word is from the expression " Green Go" (that's the way, northamericans call themselves when they're in war.

"Pinche gringo puñetero"
"Pinche gringo puñetero"
by jorge32s April 30, 2007
Gringos eat a lot of hamburguers
by mexman February 13, 2004
what a waitess at a small, family owned, Mexican restaurant called me to the Spanish speaking regulers after being asked to turn the jukebox down.
That gringo just asked me to turn the music down.
by junction September 23, 2005
I can say that "gringo" is used to call every foreigner person, here in Brazil.
And, doesn't matter if the person is black or white, the language and not even the country that this person came from.
* Look at that gringo! It's hilarious the way he try to sspeak portuguese.
(Olhe aquele gringo! É hilário a forma que ele tenta falar português)

* The gringo that i met yesterday is overwhelmed by the pretties views of Rio de Janeiro and Espírito Santo.
(O gringo que eu conheci ontem está impressionado com as lindas paisagens do Rio de Janeiro e Espírito Santo)
by gigi February 21, 2005

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