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gringo used as racial term means

gringo: (ethnic slur) extremely offensive name for a Hispanic person; "only a Hispanic can call another Hispanic a gringo ".
"How are you doing gringo" "What up gringo"

white person: cracker
black person: nigga
Hispanic person: gringo
by elian hernandez July 25, 2013
It means 'white person'

It does not mean just someone who is from the US because i am a Mexican(Or hispanic if thats what you would prefer to call me) that lives in the US (In a texas city full of mexicans and about 10 white people and 5 black :P) and i speak full spanish and know all the slang. It can be used as an insult or just in everyday conversations. By the way, to all you gringos it is not pronounced 'greeeeen-gow' *I pronounce my english correctly so i would apprecciate it if you did the same for spanish(:
1. Pinches gringos putos calling us beaners, who the fuck do they think they are!
2. Wtf Daniela, you look like a gringo today, did you use the wrong shade of foundation again?
by Cassandra(: June 22, 2011
an offensive hispanic word for white people. just like the word mayate for black people. we are told it isn't offensive, just like indianos, chuntaro or mojado "friends say it to each other"
We're not racists, you gringos and mayates are racist.

Pinche gringo, pinche gringitta.
by alpino June 11, 2010
Spanish saying for A white person
Aya En gringolandia Los gringos se sienten La policia Mundial pero nomas asen puras pendejadas
by Latino14 May 29, 2009
Meaning: A white person; Racist label for a white person. Like whitey or cracker.
"Hey Julio, look at that gringo."
by #1GringoBuddy March 11, 2010
The word "gringo" (feminine "gringa") can take on many definitions. Some include:

1. A Spanish word for a white person of non-mixed European heritage. Not to be confused with "gachupin", a word for people with Spanish or Portuguese heritage. Can be used both as a term of endearment or a pejorative.

2. A term Latinos use to describe or nickname a friend with noticable European characteristics, such as fair skin/hair or green/blue eyes, or one that is actually white.

3. "Gringa" can mean a Mexican taco made with spicy pork and a flour tortilla (which is white), served with a variety of salsa.

4. In many parts Latin america, it can mean a person specifically from the U.S.A. or Northern America.

5. Adjective used to describe something that is European.

6. A former member of reggaeton group Baby Rasta y Gringo, now known as a solo artist.

7. A Spanish techno artist.

8. Can also simply mean a "foreigner".
Positive: In Salvadoran rap group Pescozada's release of Dialectos nativos, rapper Joaquin Santos was referred to as a "gringo", even though he was present and actually collaborating with the group.

Negative: "Get away from me, gringo!"

"Don't trust those gringos."

Food: Which restaurant has the best gringa?

Adjective: I'm a little alien to your gringo ways. Could you please explain them a little more?
by Gringostyle January 06, 2007
Term used by Latin Americans to talk about people born in USA and somtimes in others anglo-saxon countries. Doesnt mean white man.
hey mira !! toma esa arma y vamos a patearle el sucio culo a esos gringos hijos de perra.
by Censurado August 04, 2005