American, from the USA. The term comes from the american intervention in mexico in the late eighteen hundreds. Term derives from the popular phrase "green go home" yelled to american troops because of their green uniforms. It does not mean "white" or "caucasian" it is a derrogatory term depending on the context.
Gringa: female gringo. In mexico city it is a dish of shepherd style pork and cheese in aflour tortilla topped with coriander onion and pineapple.
It would suck to be a gringo, everyone in the world would hate you.

Pinches gringos me la pelan! Son unos pendejazos!!

Me da dos gringas y una coca? Ca I have two gringas and a coke?
by Bujinkanman December 10, 2006
an assless chap wearing home fry of the jco eastsiders
"don't let gringo rape you in the ass"
by ultimate gringo fan February 15, 2006
Term used by Latin Americans to talk about people born in USA and somtimes in others anglo-saxon countries. Doesnt mean white man.
hey mira !! toma esa arma y vamos a patearle el sucio culo a esos gringos hijos de perra.
by Censurado August 04, 2005
It means 'white person'

It does not mean just someone who is from the US because i am a Mexican(Or hispanic if thats what you would prefer to call me) that lives in the US (In a texas city full of mexicans and about 10 white people and 5 black :P) and i speak full spanish and know all the slang. It can be used as an insult or just in everyday conversations. By the way, to all you gringos it is not pronounced 'greeeeen-gow' *I pronounce my english correctly so i would apprecciate it if you did the same for spanish(:
1. Pinches gringos putos calling us beaners, who the fuck do they think they are!
2. Wtf Daniela, you look like a gringo today, did you use the wrong shade of foundation again?
by Cassandra(: June 22, 2011
gringo used as racial term means

gringo: (ethnic slur) extremely offensive name for a Hispanic person; "only a Hispanic can call another Hispanic a gringo ".
"How are you doing gringo" "What up gringo"

white person: cracker
black person: nigga
Hispanic person: gringo
by elian hernandez July 25, 2013
Meaning: A white person; Racist label for a white person. Like whitey or cracker.
"Hey Julio, look at that gringo."
by #1GringoBuddy March 11, 2010
Spanish saying for A white person
Aya En gringolandia Los gringos se sienten La policia Mundial pero nomas asen puras pendejadas
by latino14 May 29, 2009

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