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A white person that is rich.
That gringo stole my land.
I won't leave my seat,the gringo might take it and call it manifest destiny.
Gringo is one step below transvestite.
by NS10000 November 25, 2006
a word that mexicans created in order to counter being called wetback. they consider it a derogatory term for a white(non-latino) person even though white people don't think it is offensive in the slightest. in fact white people are usually amused when this word is used and will laugh at anyone who uses it.
White person #1: What did the guy mowing your lawn call you?
White person #2:i think he called me a gringo
both: hahaha what a stupid wetback

Mexican: hey meng, you gringos want some weed?
Whitey: no, you probably laced it with something
Mexican: Hehehe you read my mind senor.
by the handsom american June 02, 2010
some douche whom given the chance to vote and elect their leader, chooses and insists on a mental retard (W) and then goes "i'm better than you, can i borrow a 20..."
hey, look, a dumb gringo, where's the camera?
by kreoth July 10, 2008
Gringo means white boy in Mexican/Spanish
Random Kid: Arent Cole, Tyler & Zack Gringo'z 4 lyfe?
Cole: Damn straight b.
by Lil Casp3r April 26, 2007
Informal term used in Latin and Central America to a person mainly from the US, but often from European and First World countries (one won't call an Ethiopian a gringo). Usually derogatory, relating to a clumsy and/or unadapted character. A gringo is primariliy identified by his/her behavior, showing obvious traits of a non-native person, such as: difficulty to understand and speak the local idiom; extravagant, distinctive clothing; strong willingness to learn and engage in local customs; slightly different facial expressions and posture (culturally learned).
"Man, I'm cracking up here! Check that gringo trying to dance samba!!"

"What about visiting the Presidential Memorial?" "Nah, only gringos go there..."

"Tell you what: let's speak English tonight and tell the girls that we are gringos full o' cash!"

"You're really American?? You don't look/sound so gringo..."
by Douglas Souza July 27, 2006
a word meaning white person used by mexicans or latinos.
White guy: look at those stupid beaners. they are so lazy.

Latino: look at those damn gringos esse. they suck. Putos.
by Pookie D. Shizznit March 28, 2006
Despite what some people think, it is a non-derogatory term used to name USA born people in countries like Mexico and Brazil.

Some people could call a foreign tourist (i.e. a french or a german) also "gringo" but it is only because they can't perceive (or don't care about) the obvious difference: language.

Female form: gringa.
Hi gringo!
There are some beautiful gringas in Cancun at springbreak.
by Dan April 12, 2004