An united state born person that can't speak or undesrtand spanish. Their usually hated by latinos or loved if they bring money to their country.The name could have originated form GREEN-GO, AS IS THE MILITARY.
Those GREEN-GOES, GOT TO GO!from my fiesta ese.OR Gringo pendejo, no entiende ni mierda.
by Anonymous September 30, 2003
Definition: Racist/Disparaging term for a white person (esp. male).

Originated during the Mexican-American wars, from a chant the Mexicans put together: "Green Go Home!" Was eventually shortened to Gringo.
That gringo thinks he's better than me 'cos he's white. Hell no, man, we both work at the same place and live in the same neighborhood!
by InaGoddessEye December 29, 2004
White ass honky that usually walks like he has a pipe up his behind. Has no rythm, cannot ryme, can't dance, can't shoot hoops and can't talk no slang unless he stole it from a brother or a mex. Usually likes to steal land and rob people in the name of entrepenuership or manifest destiny.
That gringo,patty cake can't dance for shit.
by George Sanders March 02, 2007
white guy
i was shooting up the Columbian Cartel in GTA 3 and then some guy threatened me, saying "you want the chainsaw, gringo?"
by guy from GTA 3 January 12, 2004
A racist term used by Mexicans and other hispanics referring to Americans - a hateful term used frequently and commonly - used by many who envy Americans, and hate because Mexico and other hispanic states are so disfunctional and failures.
The gringos should learn by our boycott that we are better than gringos.
by a gringo May 01, 2006
A non-spanish person.
I'm a fucking gringo and damn proud
by gangbang bate July 20, 2003
white man (spanish)
When the gringo parked his car, the homies took his rims.
by Cameltoe Raider November 07, 2002

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