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A person from Latin America.

I disagree with Robert Koehler. I'm Dominican, and I'm white as white paint. How am I black? Amelia Vega, Miss Universe 2003, is also Dominican and she's light skinned, though I'm whiter.

I'm not "less Dominican" just beause I'm light colored, which is how I feel when someone says only dark colored skinned people are Dominican.

That's a misconception made about Dominicans, and stop stereotyping. I'm sure there's some dark-colored Colombians and some white colored Cubans. Every latino country is made up of different people, ranging from white to black. That's why latino countries are so special.

Diversity and Variety. Learn it.
Dominicans are considered latinos, even if they're white in color, or black.

by Santana June 21, 2006
A Spanish speaking country bordering next to Haiti. The Dominican Republic, La Republica Dominicana, was “discovered” by Christopher Columbus in 1492. The natives already living there then mixed in with the African American slaves, and European people who came from countries like: Italy, Portugal, Spain etc. And Arabs also migrated to the Dominican Republic. Unlike the stereotype that claims that the Dominican Republic is full of dark colored people, with coarse hair, the Dominican Republic is filled with variety in its people and appearance due to its rich past. Yes, there are blonds, brunettes, and red haired(I swear there are) people that are Dominican. I, myself am a white colored Dominican, some say whiter than some Irish people. Some people from the Dominican Republic have African ancestry, Portuguese, or Spaniard, like me. The Dominican Republic gained its independence in 1844.

Baseball is to the Dominican Republic like what public transportation is to New York City. Yeah, I know. Dominican Republic lives, eat and breathes baseball whether you like it or not. Famous Dominican baseball players out there right now are: Albert Pujols, Miguel Tejada, David Ortiz, Manny Ramirez, Pedro Ortiz, Vladimir Guerrero, and Alex Rodriguez.

Bachata and merengue originated in the Dominican Republic. Bachata and merengue now is pretty popular through out the Spanish community.

The Dominican Republic, like any other Caribbean country/island is beautiful, and has the most gorgeous beaches and places. But like every other country, it has its poor and poverty-stricken cities and rural towns.

Dominican Republic also was home to a brutal dictator: Rafael Leónidas Trujillo Molina. Trujillo reigned 1930-1938, and yet again in the years 1942-1952. He massacred 20,000 Haitians. Haitian immigrants were also murdered if they could not pronounce the Spanish r in "perejil" (parsley). He also murdered the Mirabel sisters(who were political activists against Trujillo’s regime), having them beaten and strangled to death. He was similar to all the other infamous dictators of the world. He re-named the capital of the Dominican Republic after himself, and compared himself with Jesus Christ. He put monuments and statues of himself all over the country. But it got to the point that Fidel Castro, when he got into power, trained some rebel Dominican troops to invade but they were killed. Venezuela’s president at the time(who Trujillo tried to assassinate) also wanted the infamous dictator killed, so much that he delivered an ultimatum to the US/CIA. If the US wasn’t going to do anything, Venezuela was going to invade(the US didn’t want to do anything at first because Trujillo was favored and his torture/mass-murdering policy was ignored because he was anti-communism). Finally, the CIA supplied the rebels with weapons, and those rebels killed Trujillo in a deserted highway.

Dominican Republic is home to the beautiful Punta Cana, La Romana, and Puerto Plata.

Some famous Dominican people are(excluding baseball players): Amelia Vega, 2003 Miss Universe winner; Oscar de la Renta, famous fashion designer; Juan Luis Guerra, famous music artist.

Some famous half Dominicans: Michelle Rodriguez, actress in Fast and the Furious; Fabolous, rapper; Juelz Santana, rapper.

Dominican republic has a lively and rich culture, a country which has suffered its hardships and violence, buts it’s a beautiful country and I encourage you all to visit.
The Dominican Republic is home to a variety of people in personality and looks. I encourage you to visit to get a taste what it's all about.
by Santana June 21, 2006
A baseball player who's currently playing for the New York Yankees. He has played for the Seattle Mariners and also the Texas Rangers before he was traded to the Yankees. He's one of the most paid players in the MLB, and while no person should have that kind of money for being an athlete, he's a pretty damn good player. Nevertheless, he's cocky as hell, and he kept flip-flopping on his choice for which team he was going to play for in the World Baseball Classic. The Dominican Republic, or the US?

His parents were born in the Dominican Republic, but he was raised in the United States. And no, he is not Puerto Rican like the one bimbo said.

Also MVP.
Alex Rodriguez is one cocky son of a bitch, I just wish he stayed with the Mariners.
by Santana June 27, 2006
Term used by white-trash and red-necks to describe thier truck or car. Not used to refer to a truck or car that is on blocks or parked in the weeds near a mobile home or out house.
Sorry I didnt make that run down south with ya to get them there raccoons, but the posm went down with a bent rod.
by Santana January 27, 2005
A male Caucasian or white man. It’s NOT offensive or derogatory, as most white people believe even though their first language is usually not Spanish. We can’t exactly call you “el hombre blanco” which translates to “the white man”, so we call a white man a gringo.

A gringa is a female Caucasian or white woman.

I know all of this because, yes the first language I learned was Spanish, and I still speak it. So when a person says “llama la gringas” it translates to “call the white females”.

The word gringo is like the word black in English. Of course when a person says, “Oh, look at those stupid gringos, they’re all stupid” it’s just as offensive the same way a person would say “Oh, look at those stupid blacks, they’re all stupid”. Gringo is also like the Spanish word chino, which means a Chinese male, or an Asian male.

Unlike the many offensive terms for other ethnicities and races that the English language has(nigger, spic, wetback, beaner, chink, cracker), the Spanish isn’t so pinpoint in its offensive terms usually, and if there are, a lot of them are local terms.

Gringo/gringa can also be used to tease a Latino, Hispanic etc. person who is white in color and very fair skinned. My uncle calls me gringa, but it’s not offensive.
No son Africano, son gringo. (They're not African, they're white)
by Santana June 27, 2006
A female from Latin America.

I'm latina, from the Dominican Republic, and I will break the stereotypical latina in a few seconds.

I have no curves, I'm light, light skinned, no gluteus maximus, small breasts, very thin and short, and yes, I know how to spell grammar correctly.

Sorry guys, but please take your unwanted stereotypes somewhere else. Just like there are white girls that can dance, there are latina girls with no ass. Yup, yup. We're not all "easy", we all won't have kids by the time we reach the age of 16, and we all don't wear huge, gold tacky earrings/hoops.
Soy Latina, y tengo mucho orgullo.
by Santana June 21, 2006

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