Gringo is a word used mostly by spanish speakers to define an anglo-saxon person, depending the connotation it can be offensive, neutral or even friendly. Also the meaning can change depending on the people that uses it.

For example in Mexico and central America is mostly used in an insultive way.
In Argentina due that most people has italian and spanian roots (white and brown hair) it's merely to describe someone that's anglo-saxon or very white and blonde, due to many "Gringos" that went to live to Argentina.
-No lo viste al gringo?
-Haven't you seen gringo?

-Ey gringo pasame la pelota!
-Hey gringo pass me the ball!

-Ese es un gringo de mierda
-That one is a fucking gringo
by Santi Ullio August 23, 2008
While a commonly used slang term for Americans used by Mexicans, gringo is used throughout Latin America to refer to Americans. It isn't inherently negative, but in some regions - especially Puerto Rico - gringo often is used to refer to white Americans, and many times in a derogatory fashion.
Those hipster gringos think they run this city now.

That guy speaks horrible spanish. You can tell he's a gringo.
by Mwatuangi July 31, 2013
(derives from spanish griego, greek)
Derogatory term for people from the United States.
In Chile it refers to someone from the capital city, very similar to the mexican word chilango.
Originally it aplied to any foreigner, as time passes it came to be a cruel synonym of yankee.
Many people think that the word began during the Mexican revolition referring to the green uniform of the U. S. Marines, and mexicans yelled: "Green, go", but that is not the case, the word appeared much earlier in eighteenth century latin american and spanish literature.
Its use is not exclusive to Mexicans, Now it is widely used by latin americans in general and even by europeans.
Contemporary U. S. politics have brought this word to greater relevance, as the anti-gringo feeling has spread throughout the world.
Fui al centro y puro pinche gringo por todos lados.
(I went downtown and found lots of bloody gringos there)
by C. Augusto Valdés July 26, 2004
A word used by Latin americans and some Europeans refering to a person from the USA, IT DOES NOT MEAN "WHITE PEOPLE" as some people think. Most of the times it is said in an offensive way.
"Odio a los putos gringos, se creen los dueños de todo."

"I hate bloody Gringos, they think they own it all."
by Pedro Antonio Ascencio September 24, 2006
1. A person from the USA.

2. A tourist in Mexico with the stereotype of northern European race.

3. In Mexico, common nickname to a person with pale skin, Brown or blond hair and blue/green eyes.

1. I'm afraid the gringos (americans) will be fearful with us because of the swine flu.

2. Look at the gringo with the citymap, he's asking for help, maybe he's lost.

3. Hey dude you always got your skin red by playing soccer in the sun.. You're a god damn gringo.
by alanherb June 19, 2009
when a light is red and you want it to turn green.
Man, I got to take a piss and the light's red... grin-go!
by CL211 April 06, 2008
The word "gringo" may have come from the Mexicans hearing the Anglo invaders into Texas singing "Green Grow the Rushes, Oh" around their campfires ad nauseum. Whether the word is derogatory or not seems to depend on how close you are to or how far north you are of the Mexican-American border. "Gringo" is not as neutral in El Paso, Tijuana or East L.A. as it is further south of the border.
"pinche gringo"
by Skeptical Bright March 17, 2012

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