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The area code of San Diego, California
Often used for short reference of the city and surrounding area
"We reppin the 619"

"Fuck you if you ain't 619'n"
-For the Love of Guns - Ms. Sancha feat. Mr. Sancho
by farged November 21, 2007
Origin: Latin - negra/negro = dark
1- derogatory word used to described those of African descent (as they are characterized by dark skin) Nordic Caucasians (i.e. "whites") who were seen as being fond or protective of
Negroes(i.e. "blacks") were often called "nigger-lovers"
2- semi-derogatory word used as a pronoun between those of African descent. Originating from class distinction of American slaves; field workers referred to domestic slaves, spitefully, as "house-niggas"
3- anglicized version of spanish "negro" used by hispanics in reference to anyone of a darker complexion than themselves, although often used as a pronoun for any association
1- "Hey nigger, we don't serve your types here!"
"You're nothin' but a no-good nigger-lover"

2- "You one dumbass nigga!"
"What up nigga?"

3- "Oye, me an my niggas'll bomb on you levas!"
"wasappening negro?" (what's happening nigga)
"es mi vato negrolo" (that's my niggafriend)
"Digas la Maria negra" ("talk to the dark/black Mary")
by farged November 21, 2007
Term used in "gangsta" style rap music to define someone who
uses the lifestyle of poverty stricken, violent, racist, and/or urban areas to gain wealth and recognition without actually having lived with such conditions.
It has also become associated with those who attempt or choose to live such lifestyles (for "street-cred") when they have no need to.
"We fuckin' roll on bustas out here"

"Fo'get dose busted-ass rappers you heard comin' out, 'cause dis is real"
by farged November 21, 2007

often used derogatively by those who do not know where jews come from
ignorant anti-semite: Go back to jewland you stupid Jew!!
Jew: - oy* -
*stereotypical jewish interjection


(insert magical story here)
by farged November 29, 2007
derogatory word for hispanics
derived from "speck" (i.e. dust, as non-hispanics generally consider them to be "dirty") and "spigoty" -which is another derogatory term for hispanics stemming from the phrase "spigoty -speak the- English")

spic can be used by hispanics in much the same way as nigga is used by blacks; however, this is very rare
Get that spic outta here!!

Damn spic stole my job!!

Hey pancho, spic some damn American!!
by farged December 03, 2007
Spanish literally - foreigner
Often used by hispanics when refering to white (esp. American) people
It is generally derogatory, but can be used in reference context
"los gringos saben ingles" (the Americans speak english)
"Fuck you gringo" (fuck you whitey)
by farged November 21, 2007
Slang term for San Diego, California
"We comin' out of dego-town"
by farged November 21, 2007

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