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Mexican state where Pancho Villa was born.
Pancho Villa is a mexican hero, he was born in Durango, Mexico
by Aztek May 31, 2005
A city that is NOT raciallly divided.
Theres a west a north and a south side to it...No east cus we have Lake michigan (part of the biggest freshwater bodies of water in the world)
We have the Tallest Building in the world Not all white ppl live in the north and not all black ppl live in the south
We are one of the most intergrated cities
A bunch of my fellow illegal immigrants live here Viva Mexico.
and We have 4 seasons unlike ppl down in california who only have one boring season all year long and we have verrrry good tourist attractions.
Home of some ghetto ass suburbs
This city breaks all the sterotypes.
Chicago, My city, My town, My second home.
Viva Mexico.
by Aztek May 25, 2005
A white person.

You call us Mexicans we call you Gringos
simple as that.
Mira a esse gringo limpiandoze el culo.

by Aztek May 24, 2005

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