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1. food
2. the all-mighty pauly shore made this one. chillin betty nugz bro, marley the joint and bust the grindage
2.most excellent grindage my friend.
by cuco October 05, 2003
- Slang for food; i.e. snacks chow
"I'm hurtin' for some grindage." (I am hungry)
#food #snacks #chow #chew #eat
by El Choch April 19, 2006
grindage -- noun -- from grind meaning "to eat" -- (1) any food or drink (2) a meal
You wanna hit up McD's for some grindage?
by Kozak November 24, 2003
to "get some grindage"to get some food.
lets go get some grindage im starving
#food #grindage #junk #surfer #wasted
by brian buswell December 03, 2007
Snacks Pertaining To God-like Awesomness.
We Were Chillen And Got The Need For Some Grindage.
#snacks #junk food #awesomness #sick #gnarly
by JudeDude August 15, 2009
California speakage for "food"
Damn I'm hungry, lets get some grindage dude!
by Dirty Dawg Derek Dandy December 25, 2004
Better know by the word food
i need some grindage, pull in to white castle.
by kyle August 24, 2004
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