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name for someone who provides an endless supply of quotable quotes that have a humor value independant of the speaker's level of inebriation
" it has four engines... i mean seats " ~claudio
by kozak October 19, 2003
grindage -- noun -- from grind meaning "to eat" -- (1) any food or drink (2) a meal
You wanna hit up McD's for some grindage?
by Kozak November 24, 2003
adjective -- of some undesirable nature.

Antonym: awesome.
After we hung out all night, having to wake up for 9 o'clock class made for quite an ignawesome morning.
by Kozak October 18, 2004
dage -- noun -- shortened for of grindage , from grind meaning "to eat" -- (1) any food or drink (2) a meal
The girls can help out by picking up the dage while we're shooting the film.

C'mon, let's grab some dage.
by Kozak November 24, 2003
"Pretty Girl" -- proper noun -- Cassie

"pretty girl" -- noun -- the sweet scent left on a piece of clothing you've leant to a girl.
Hi, Pretty Girl! What's up?
by Kozak December 03, 2003
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