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1. chicano slang for marijuana
yo quiero fumar yesca compa.
by cuco October 05, 2003
1. food
2. the all-mighty pauly shore made this one.
1.cool chillin betty nugz bro, marley the joint and bust the grindage
2.most excellent grindage my friend.
by cuco October 05, 2003
1. chillin
2. chilling in style (this takes practice)
1. "what chu doin?"

by cuco October 05, 2003
1.(chicano slang) lazy-ass, lazy, freeloader
1.whats up flojo?
2.wheres the rent money flojo chuco?
3.flojos did'nt even do a good job, they left most of the clean-up for us man.
by cuco October 05, 2003
1. shrooms
fresno is a long drine homeboy. you guys want some bottle tops for the road?
by cuco October 05, 2003
1.a punch to the face.
(also "mail droped".)
chavo got mail droped for woofin' shit.
this sucker's 'bout to get mail droped.
by Cuco October 04, 2003
1. sperm.
2.(snacking) eating ones own sperm.
3.(snacked) to ejaculate
it smells like "snack" in here
i snacked on her tits vato.
P.i.m.p. keep snacking
by cuco October 05, 2003
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