a music that reflects the pain and the hardship suffered by inner city youths cotching in london.
It is the realest of the real.
If you chat shit your music ain't grime.
JME, Wiley,Kano, Roll Deep, No lay...dey are grime artists. Dizzee ain't no more.
by e12 gash July 14, 2006
expression of disbelief, anger, exasperation, or humor; expression used to indicate a rather poignant situation; often used in conjunction with a raised, open hand
Drunken Bill says to drunken Rich, "Bro, your girlfriend is fatter than shit."

Drunken Chuck, watching the whole situation from the side, exclaims with a raised hand, "GRIME!"
by Iron John Kidd December 16, 2004
an adjective meaning rude or insulting
dat's grime(grimes) yo!; oh shit, he was so grime yestaday!
by MC December 01, 2004
grime is a newbie on a game. This person will never know how to play a game cause he are to retarded to know.
I was so grime today, i owned 0 times and got owned 10394 times
by Kalo March 09, 2005
Angry Chav music that consists of a repetative garage style beat with some scrawny, high pitched wigger rapping over the top about his hardships in da ghettos.
Requires an IQ of less than 15 to listen
Often played by pigshit thick chav fucks through their tinny phone speakers at the back of buses.
Grime MC:Yo yo yo reprazentin da ghetto and ma crew wiv mi grime styles

Grime MC's mother: Timmy stop that racket young man and come down and finish your alphabetti spaghetti on toast
by max w January 20, 2007
some hoes
YO i got some grime for man dem
by sneaky j May 02, 2003
A male slag
"Dat bwoys gwannin like a grime!"
by Buffness_Gwannin July 01, 2003

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