An epileptic stanky whore, who is essentially grimey.
Friend 1: You hooked up with Grimes last night?
Friend 2: Yeah so?
Friend 1: Dude that's so nasty, you better check your junk for spots for the next six months.
by angry midget pornstar May 25, 2010
Something that is terrible dirty or definatly nasty in smell. Beyond dirt nugget.
-That fart is so grime! Flaherty crack a window man!
by Gilbert Jacksonette March 16, 2007
a music that reflects the pain and the hardship suffered by inner city youths cotching in london.
It is the realest of the real.
If you chat shit your music ain't grime.
JME, Wiley,Kano, Roll Deep, No lay...dey are grime artists. Dizzee ain't no more.
by e12 gash July 14, 2006

Synonym of dirt. Usually refers to various forms of caked-on grit, sand, soot, dust, or other solid dirt mixed with sweat, grease, or other liquid binders to make a gritty nasty goo that's hard to clean off.
The steel factory's fixtures are covered with years of grime.

The boys emerged from the mine covered with grime, and rich as Midas.

by blueagave March 22, 2006
grime- is a type of music which reflects on how bad life can be living on council estates in london. From gun crime, to knife crime, jackings (getting robbed), earners to get by.
grime is up and coming and youths generally mc in the grime scene talking about life on road and about the crack and smack culture in london and surrounding cities.
they generally smoke green (cannabis) as there is some really good shit going about and it helps combat the hard life on road.
they find it hard to live in the city as it is really expensive and they dont have jobs, they want to earn money in the game by doing hot moves,robberies and selling drugs but this normally results in having the police knocking at the door all the time.
they want to get out of this life and be someone, but generally not that many people manage to make a big name for themselves in the grime scene.
this life is a struggle and you probably dont realise how hard it can be as you have never been in these type of situations.

grime generally is about territory and mcs spit about merking, stabbing you, coming to your endz and causing arms house at your mums house.
youth"av you got d time blud
victim" nar sorry mate
youth"blud give me your fone"
victim "please dont hurt me"
youth pulls out a knife or a gun and either stabs the cunt or shoots him and runs away laughing
by L£@CH February 25, 2007
In the game of Monopoly any property that, if landed on, has the potential to knock a player completely out of the game or seriously deplete their assets. Mainly refers to a monopoly on a color group, but in certain situations can also be a monopoly of all four railroads. It is enhanced if a player has developed houses and hotels on his or her property.
1. Biggs has got some serious slum lord grime on that row. He's got hotels on all the purples and all the blues
2. Look at all the grime I'm coming up on. Gian and Dennis have all the monopolies from the magentas to the yellows. I'm gonna need some serious luck to get through both of their grime.
3. Greg got the monopoly on Boardwalk and Park Place, that's instant grime!
by WhiteTiger213 September 09, 2006
the act of someone being dirty or sus (suspect). Possibly in the act of stealing.
1. Aww grime he stole ur baseball bat.
2. That kid got smacked in the head wow grime.
by Sanit May 03, 2006

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