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When a male is having intercourse with a trophy-worthy female, he has a friend hide with a camera in the vicinity of the sexual action. Then, on some pre-arranged signal, the man grabs the female by inserting 2 or more fingers into her anus or vagina(operator's choice) and 2 or more fingers into her mouth. He then lifts her into the air for the friend to take a picture of. The result is similar to a fisherman's picture of his catch.
She really fought when a pulled a marlin on her. I swear she was this (holds hands apart) big.
#marlen #trophy fuck #houdini #sex #fuck
by Indo125 April 03, 2009
To respond with great exclamation and anger when on the receiving end of criticism (most often intentional baiting). The recipient acts in the same manner as a marlin jumping from the water when hooked by a fisherman.
Dude 1: I saw your girlfriend, she's an absolute scrag
Dude 2: Hey! Fuck you fuckhead! Don't be talking shit about my girl!
Dude 1: Ha Ha... Sucked in ya marlin!
#flip #anger #sucker #marlin fish #occy #cool
by Rastus P July 05, 2006
a crazy redneck who enjoys smoking and drinking very large amounts, often is too drunk or high to care about shit found in Hallettsville on the weekend at parties smoking and drinking not giving a damn. Often uses the words mother fucking in every other sentence.
damn marlin this party is crazy as fuck
#drunk #crazy #high #blazed #baked
by mtgj February 23, 2011
a big fish that lives in the sea and is often caught by fishermen 4 food
a marlin is a big fish
by pimp daddy dollars October 26, 2004
When you jump into a swimming pool side ways with your hand by your side and while in the air you move your body around.
I did a marlin into our pool last summer.
#prawn #tuna #salmon #shrimp #swordfish
by Mad Snake August 28, 2006
Located in Miami, Florida, the Marlins were a franchise that began it's genesis in the early 1990's during the end of Major Leage Baseball's expansion boom. After settling in the former Don Shula stadium, the team was welcomed by a typical fiery fanbase that prides itself on being a "multi-cultural" society. Soon though the welcoming applause fell out the window, and the fans soon realized that like most expansion teams, this one sure did suck. After many mediocre to ill-failed seasons, the Marlins finally found success in 1996 after beating the Cleveland Indians in the Fall Classic. Fortunately for "Tribe Fans" it was actually a good thing that a worthless, economic failure had beaten their beloved original early twentieth century founded team, because the fanbase simply walked away after the Marlins failed and failed again in the next few seasons to close out the century looking like a true feces stain on Bud Selig's trousers. Of course, the fanbase would repeat their history again, by walking away from their team again, that they had so virulently supported during the 2003 World Series, when they defeated a very deserving Chicago Cubs squad to make it to the worst World Series ever to beat the undeserving "Evil Empire" Yankees. The Marlin fans are an odd sort, taking pride in investing their earned money on a team that wins terrible and forgettable 'Series. Of course, this just amounts to a group of truly uninterested and undevoted "Fairweather fans" that just show up IF their low scoring Marlins actually make it to the playoffs. The Marlins are once again finding the low point of the charts, as their forgettable players, fairweather fans and eyesore place in history books drift off into the Gulf of Worthlessness.
The Marlins only sell out when they are in the playoffs.

Yeah, the Marlins and the White Sox have won 3 of the worst World Series championships ever.
#fla #marlinss #florida marlins #marlins suck #ftm
by Johnny Hates NOVA April 28, 2006
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