Possibly the worst thing to happen to music, EVER!

It consists of absolutely no talent, just a bunch of chavvy kids talking really fast about shit they wish they had, although some may have gotten famous it is still just a bunch of crap!
Chav: Yer listen to some grimey tunes innit

Me: No thanks, I would rather listen to some real music with more inspiration/meaning/truth/talent in 0.01 seconds of the song TBF!!!

Chav: oi blud stop dissin my scene jus cuz you iz jells!

Me:Name an instrument that requires talent other than clicking a mouse that is used in 'your music'

Chav: ........
by ILikebeefandIlikeliver12 May 15, 2011
Disgusting beyond belief. Can be used to describe how ugly a girl is.
"Dude that girl Lungy grinded on last night was so grime, I wanted to puke."
by skianaconda December 10, 2010
To "grime" is to pick up a low value girl and pop her on the first night. The word is derived from the french word "grimace" which means grin or wince. A grimace is like a hoe in great physical shape but with some mental problems. To grime is to go out and chase the "grimaces" with a very agressive and cocky attitude.
"Ok guys drop your drinks we're going to grime at the club. "

"Tonight is gonna be a grimy night!!!"

"Let's grime!"
a nasty dirty girl who had sex with a lot of guys
Marlin: Hey do you think bertha is hot? Should i get with her?

Steve: Hell no dawg, shes grimes!
by estevan17 September 16, 2008
when someone does something really nasty they ARE grime. ex: farts, burps and ssays they have to drop the biggest duece known to man in public, has nasty- ass hair (chest hair included)

being grime is contagious, if you tap someone grime you are grime. for example, tapping a swiss gilf makes you grime.

pretty much an all around fuck up.
@NICKHAK: cutie, my love, safety.
@FFRIDAYS: stfu dtd?
@NICKHAK: only if you look at my golden deuce
@FFRIDAYS: You're grime.
by gnjens November 03, 2011
a girl that has been passed around
a.k.a a slut
oh my dayz i hokked up with iesha last nigh

blud she is a grime she's got an s.t.d
by jokerm8 January 20, 2008
A word to describe an unattractive picture of someone.
Ewww, Grimey.
by beetidy09 June 17, 2010

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