1. a poorly bootlegged version of hiphop
2. a form of garage more specific to mcing
3. a form of noise (not music) lacking in dynamics (which is why anyone can make a grime tune on their computer)
4. Formed from the word 'grimey', leaves little room for creativity or a variety in lyrical content (mcs only talk about beef, vanity, derogatory of females etc)
5. something only heard on underground illegal pirate radio stations (and channel u) because the general public would never buy such rubbish, so radio/ tv stations don't waste their time or money promoting a lost cause.
6. An example of how a genre of music can't survive with pop, rnb, rock in the international music industry. Just think of the grime artist that came and went, wiley, shystie, more fire crew, pay as you go crew, heartless crew etc. it doesn't matter how big or how long they've been in the underground scene, grime is wack.
7. a word not found in the real english dictionary because it's not considered real word, just like I dont consider it a real form of music.
lethal b, wiley, dizzee rascal,
by jazzmatiq February 23, 2005
Top Definition
Grime is not garage
Grime is not jungle
Grime is not hip-hop and Grime is not ragga.
Grime is a mix between all of these with strong, hard hitting lyrics. It's the inner city music scene of London.
And is also alot to do with representing the place you live or have grown up in.
Grime Groups: Roll Deep Crew, Aftershock, Newham Generals, Boy Betta Know, Nasty Crew, Fireworks.

Grime Mc's: Kano, Wiley, Dizzee Rascal, Bashy, Jme, Skinnyman, Klashnekoff, Sway, Bruza, D Double E.
by Olly Thake May 09, 2006
A Sub genere of UK Garage music. Grime is also known as sublo and 8 Bar.

Grime is usually constructed around an alternative bassline that switches every 8 bar.

Grime has similarities to early electro and techno music.

Grime is often rapped over by garage Mc's
Wiley, Dizzee rascal
by Lee Rees January 20, 2004
Genre of music derived from Uk Garage and Hip-Hop but with influence from jungle, rock, techno, dance and many other styles.

Sometimes referred to as a sub genre of UKG and Hip-Hop

Originated in London, England
person 1: What music u listen to?
person 2: Grime, nothing but Grime.
by musicpro March 08, 2005
Grime is a style of music, even a lifestyle to some.

Similar to hip hop, grime borrows from a wide range of music styles.

Grime is heavily influenced by hip hop and speed garage, essentially being a cross between the two. Other strong influences in grime include drum 'n' bass, dub, dubstep, reggea, and soul.

Grime mc's spit slower than rave mc's (ie happy hardcore mc's), yet faster than most hip hop mc's. In terms of tempo, grime ranges between 120bpm and 140bpm usually following a 2/4 or 4/4 time signature.

Grime has a very close, dry sound. Effects such as big reverbs, long echos, phazers and choruses etc are generally not used in grime production. Grime instrumentals have sparse beats, often sounding slightly off kilter or out of time. Basses borrow heavily from speed garage and drum 'n' bass while backing vocals are often sampled from soul and pop records. Sped up chipmonk voices are also ever popular.

The grime scene in the UK is about the same size as the UK hip hop scene. Many artists cross over somewhat between the two styles in their flows.

Most grime headz dress in track suits, baggy tees and baseball caps. Generally speaking, grime fans are young and live in urban areas.
Grime artists include Shifty - Virus Syndicate - Solja - Dizzy Rascal & Wiley
London ghetto music, the british equivalent of ragga and hip-hop. created for the youth by the youth. raw beats, raw rhymes, not polished or commerciallised still Grimey!!
1.manz wanna hear some Grime blud!
2.Dat tune is Grimey
Grimelords - Wiley, Kano, Dizee Rascal, SLK-north weezay!
by winston hall May 06, 2006
the act of having sex in a dumpster.
Bev got pissed at his girl, so he gave her the grimes.
by trip_es March 31, 2008
1. Total unfairness.
2. When the man just brings you down for no god damn reason.
3. An act of bad taste, when someone does something ghetto or rips you off in a bad away.
1. Leroy: So, you're sayin that you failed me cause I'm black? That's grimes.

2. Steve: God damn, I just got shit on by a bird, good luck my ass. Life is just grimes.

3.Leroy: Ayo Steve!
Steve: Yeah?
Leroy: Did you steal my newspaper off of my front porch again?
Steve: Well...uhh..you see.......aw damn come on man i'm not trying to pay 75 cents for this shit
Leroy: Damn man that's grimes.
by SystemF December 20, 2006
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