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An mc formally of nasty crew now mcing by him self. His most famous tune is p's and q's. He gud mates wiv mike skinner from the streets. most importantly hes bufffffff!!!!!!!!
Kano is guna b da siccest mc, better than dizzee
by ilnevertell December 30, 2004
kano one of the best grime artists in uk ,probly second only to wiley. This guy is hot eaisly better than most us rappers
" i ain't got punch lines , i got kick lines
an i ain't commercial but i got hit lines "
p's n q's - kano
by uk manz June 23, 2006
To dispose of ones beverage, specifically a 7-11 Big Gulp, Slurpee, or similar, by heaving it as high in the air as possible so it explodes upon inevitable impact with the Earth.

Referred to as such due to the required accompanying exclamation.
"Bro, just put it in the garbage. I don't want my clothes to get soaked."

"Sorry man, has to be done..... KANO!"
by SteveNieve September 13, 2009
When a song makes you want to knock someone out. Hype music that makes you want to fight someone for no apparent reason. Knock a n*&!a out. Not a racist comment, N can be replaced by any person or things you are associated with or the level of how bad this song makes you want to fight. The more innocent the "N" is the more crazy the song is, example KACO, knock a child out.
Have you heard the new T.I. song? It makes me wanna KANO.
by beeperking1 February 14, 2012
Verb: To be destroyed in an MMORPG by a character weaker than you.
1)Dude you just got Kanosed!

2)Once I was leveling in Felwood and I totally got Kanosed by a 50 Warlock.
by Crimsonmoon July 16, 2006
short for "Amerikano" which is a Filipino term for an American man
the pinay love kanos
by savagefan November 30, 2003
Person who cruelly rejects or breaks up with another person.

Named after the character Kano in the video game Mortal Kombat, whose finishing move is to rip out his oppenent's heart.
Why did she have to be such a Kano
by Kurt February 10, 2005
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