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A large store where you can buy cute clothes for cheap. They have loads of jewelry and sunglasses. Their clothes are either tight or slightly baggy, but it is a very nice store with great security. I would know. I fainted there onec, and they brought me water, and 6 policemen. I'm sure if they fainted in Abercrombie they'd just sort of shrug and push me into a dressing room so they wouldn't have to deal with it.
This shirt is really cute. It costs $12.80 at Forever 21, but I'm sure it would have cost $32 at Hollister!
by Emily75431 August 29, 2006
The most dreadful fashion trend since fanny packs.
"Woah! I carry around some extra grillz in my fanny pack, yo!"
by Emily75431 September 02, 2006

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