to be griddled is to be in a zone that only drugs can take you to. Often referred to in wishful thinking and joking around. It is a point of maximum enjoyment, pain, frustration, and anger. Picture your mind on a frying pan and imagine that the juices are being extracted once they reach their dankest point. Can either be a good thing or bad.
"My mind is griddled"
"I would like to make a mcgriddle sandwhich out of that sex puppet over there."
"Griddle me up and drench me with your succulent juices."
"Griddle Slam!"
by Peaks January 18, 2006
Top Definition
Noun meaning someone's face or personal space. Usually used in confrontations. Probably derived from the "griddle" or front grille of an automobile.
1. Why do you have to get in my griddle about it?!

2. He was all up in my griddle, so I had to push him.
by Eva November 08, 2004
To dunk or slam on somebody in a foul manner.

Mick got his griddle on Doug.
by Mickey Berce November 05, 2003
One man in couple, ties string to bacon (or other meat product) encourages partner to swallow said product whole. Then proceeds to commence with the brown love. At point of climax string is tugged, eliciting gag reflex, causing sphincter to contract. Resulting in smily faces all round.
Rui really enjoyed being griddled by the master.
by Rui Wang November 21, 2003
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