most wonderful guy you'll ever meet in your life, he would make you smile ina
heartbeat (: and hes deff bangablle :p but the biggest reason you'll love him is because hes just the perfect guy ever .
i love my gregg (:
by Eliizkax33 February 04, 2009
Great friend.
Down to earth.
Amazing smile.
Always playing, talking about, or thinking about: football.
Greg is starting kicker and has a nice ass!
by sophiabstract January 13, 2009
A Greg is the most amazing person in the world and many many girls fall head over heals for him. He is very caring, loving, sexy and just plain fun to be around. Whenever he smiles it lights up your day and girls would do anything to have him. He is strong and has a HUGE dick which many girls would die for.
I had a hell of a time last night with Greg, I am sooooooo lucky to have him!
by ladysarah1784 February 09, 2010
A guy who likes to show himself after a shower and then acts shy. Just admit it -
you want it!
He keeps gregging me - must be awful horny
by Paper bitch December 15, 2008
Someone who is cool, nice, modest and highly intelligent. Warning: May have bad handwriting and/or the tendency to use up other people's phone batteries. Always comes top in exams, generally a very busy and important person.
A: I'm going to study for my test now.
B: You don't need to, you'll do great anyway... you're such a Greg!
by purplepurplepurple May 23, 2009
he will definetly become your best friend, often will have dark hair, and/or blue eyes.

when you find a greg, keep him.
omg greg is my best friend ever, i dont know what i would do without him!
by sidney<3crosby May 03, 2010
a wonderful guy sorta nerdy who flirts with all the ladies and tries to act cool which he is but he has to show it from on the inside not the outside
nerdy, likes starwars, cooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool, amazing, defined, this is greg
by bitser February 10, 2010
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