The embodiment of ataraxia, a greek term for freedom from worry, fear, and other preoccupations. According to the philosopher Epicurus, it is the only true happiness possible for a human being.
When the Velvet Underground wrote the song Sweet Jane, they must have known Greg.
by MountainBluebird December 08, 2009
a awesome guy with godly hands and who is always right
wow that kids a greg
that greg is way better then taylor
by ge1012 February 08, 2011
He's such a walrus! Look at Greg go!
by chickachickaslimshady May 26, 2012
black person
look at that large group of Gregs over there
by gregkiller2.0 July 15, 2011
total fucking asshole
steals your girl, your mom, and fucks them at the same time
fuck greg
by gregisadouche October 06, 2013
a russian with a sniper who isn't afraid to use it
Dude 1: you know that guy up the street?
Dude 2: the one with the barbed wire fence?
Dude 1: Yeah, what a greg. gotta love it.
by feral wolf February 28, 2010
Greg is the chillest kid ever. He's got the chillest friends and is liked by everyone. He also posseses super ninja powers. He's also really hot. His skills include airsoft, paintball,lacrosse and hooking up with girls. He's pretty much amazing.
Wow tht kid just scored 4 times!!
Yeah bu thts because he's Greg

Oh wow iv never met one of them before
by NumberedNinja July 16, 2011

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