the shiny oily build-up on your face from the lack on showering

conjunction of grease and sleazy
I can tell your greezy ass didn't shower today.
by ClanClan May 19, 2008
one. greezy: being tough/bod/wicked; positive thing
two. greezed: to be fucked; have sex with
one. "yo dat jam was so greezy."
two. "yo i greezed dat girl last night."
by Baaabs March 16, 2007
A rapper that goes by the name of 2-Hye never keeps his words true, always high or always smokin',He is a bad infuluence,Hes from the rose family,always has sex 24/7,might rob u if u try 2 get close 2 him,will ask u for a smoke even if ur 13,fails drug tests everytime,if u try 2 diss him he'll high jack a commercial airline and bomb your house like the fooz from 9/11.
13 year old boy: Ay yo greezy was good dawg
Greezy: Ay dawg u got a ciggeratte?
13 year old boy: nah dawg im only 13
Greezy:Fuck,You got any cash on you?
13 year old boy: nah dawg

by Sykotic November 05, 2006
adj; one who sheists or does dishonorable things on a regular basis, usually looked down upon, a greezy person never gets laid, a sheister

examples: a black person, wesley snipes, George Bush, a member of the Rucker family
Damn, Chris F is a greezy motherfucker.
by The Big Vajay February 04, 2006
A word that that is used to describe someone that asks for favors, takes things from people without asking, or just generally screws people over.
"yo, you are the greeziest"
"This guy greezed me so bad last night"
"I did that girl so greezy yesterday"

Person #1: "Yo can you buy me some smokes?"
Person #2: "yeah I guess" (begins to pay with card)
Person #1: "and this lighter"
Person #2: "Greeeeeeeezy"
by Spencer Burns November 13, 2005
greezy is a hot slut, commonly used in the phrase, "rompin' greezys" which is bangin' chicks. Vernacular to Phoenix, Arizona
you rompin' greezys tonight?
by stritt July 12, 2004
a girl who doesn't realize a guy is trying to get up on her and accidentally rejects him.
guy 1: i tried to kiss her in the truck last night and she totally rejected me!
guy 2: maybe she was just being greezy.
by M Poopy October 11, 2009
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