adj; one who sheists or does dishonorable things on a regular basis, usually looked down upon, a greezy person never gets laid, a sheister

examples: a black person, wesley snipes, George Bush, a member of the Rucker family
Damn, Chris F is a greezy motherfucker.
by The Big Vajay February 04, 2006
A word that that is used to describe someone that asks for favors, takes things from people without asking, or just generally screws people over.
"yo, you are the greeziest"
"This guy greezed me so bad last night"
"I did that girl so greezy yesterday"

Person #1: "Yo can you buy me some smokes?"
Person #2: "yeah I guess" (begins to pay with card)
Person #1: "and this lighter"
Person #2: "Greeeeeeeezy"
by Spencer Burns November 13, 2005
greezy is a hot slut, commonly used in the phrase, "rompin' greezys" which is bangin' chicks. Vernacular to Phoenix, Arizona
you rompin' greezys tonight?
by stritt July 12, 2004
A combination of greasy and sleezy
Miguel lives in a really greezy neighborhood.
by hughmonger October 30, 2003
The slimy, sweaty, odorous state that men achieve after a weekend of partying and no showering. Can also refer to the breakfast one needs after such a weekend.
Man do I need a shower and a shave - i feel so greezy.

What I need right now is a nice greezy breakfast of eggs, toast, sausages, a side of toast and some black coffee.
by Rodge June 18, 2003
Yo, that is some greezy shit, homey.
by Kelsey babes! May 30, 2003

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