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A combination of greasy and sleezy
Miguel lives in a really greezy neighborhood.
by hughmonger October 30, 2003
35 98
The slimy, sweaty, odorous state that men achieve after a weekend of partying and no showering. Can also refer to the breakfast one needs after such a weekend.
Man do I need a shower and a shave - i feel so greezy.

What I need right now is a nice greezy breakfast of eggs, toast, sausages, a side of toast and some black coffee.
by Rodge June 18, 2003
10 73
Yo, that is some greezy shit, homey.
by Kelsey babes! May 30, 2003
11 74
A word that that is used to describe someone that asks for favors, takes things from people without asking, or just generally screws people over
"yo, you are the greeziest"

"This guy greezed me so bad last night"

"I did that girl so greezy yesterday"
by GREEZY JERKER February 21, 2010
79 143
To be dissed, beaten, or defeated very badly.
ex. Yo, that nigga just did you super greezy.

Did you see how greezy Jack did John in that fight?
by JFOOSH December 11, 2008
6 70
one. greezy: being tough/bod/wicked; positive thing
two. greezed: to be fucked; have sex with
one. "yo dat jam was so greezy."
two. "yo i greezed dat girl last night."
by Baaabs March 16, 2007
30 95