To be dissed, beaten, or defeated very badly.
ex. Yo, that nigga just did you super greezy.

Did you see how greezy Jack did John in that fight?
by JFOOSH December 11, 2008
fake,ugly,horrible as a person,sick,hard to be around,easy,a whore nothing less nothing more.
That girl is Greezy

take yo Greezy ass home

yo whore is greezy

by PKO December 07, 2008
a word used for a person or thing in a positive way (e.g a car)can also be used against a person or thing

"your greezy"
"that car is greezy!!"
or (against)
"your NOT greezy..."
by @ngel 3y3z July 09, 2006
A combination of greasy and sleezy
Miguel lives in a really greezy neighborhood.
by hughmonger October 30, 2003
The slimy, sweaty, odorous state that men achieve after a weekend of partying and no showering. Can also refer to the breakfast one needs after such a weekend.
Man do I need a shower and a shave - i feel so greezy.

What I need right now is a nice greezy breakfast of eggs, toast, sausages, a side of toast and some black coffee.
by Rodge June 18, 2003
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