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Any thing that gives you gas
Milk would be a fart fuel if you are lactose intolerant
by ClanClan May 19, 2008
extremely fat person that consume mass amounts of food in one sitting.
I hate going to the buffet and seeing all these gluttonous bastards
by ClanClan May 19, 2008
Arms that are not really muscular.
All da ladies checking my sticks.
by ClanClan May 17, 2008
Big gulp , big gulped, big gulping, big gulps

1.)When you walk by or make eye contact with a girl/guy you are attracted too but have nothing to say.

2.)Start drinking when a girl/guy you are attracted too walks by or makes eye contact.
She looked right at me but all I had was a big gulp.

So many hotties peeping my sticks and I keep big gulping it!
by ClanClan May 16, 2008
A mouth that eats alot of pie. normaly a fat persons mouth cause pie makes you fat.
Shut you pie hole you greedy pie eating motherfucker!
by ClanClan May 19, 2008
the shiny oily build-up on your face from the lack on showering

conjunction of grease and sleazy
I can tell your greezy ass didn't shower today.
by ClanClan May 19, 2008

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