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1. a very small human, such as a midget.

2. brownish tinted gunk, found inside the eardrum of a primate.
1. the greer child was found to be very emotinal, standing next to the regular (taller) children.

2. as the zooceeper was swabbing the chimpanzee's ears, he found greer staring to ooze out.
by James Liff July 22, 2003
13 162
A Loud, funny, obnoxious sneeze. Also have a very weird metallicy sound.
That sneeze was a nasty greer!
by Camp Bell January 03, 2011
84 58
Greer is the term used to describe someone who is so amazingly beautiful, they make everyone faint by smiling. known for being funny, sporty, artistic (the whole package), and just a tiny bit weird, this girl is the perfect girlfriend. Also, they get pissed if you spell their name wrong.
Person A: hey, I just saw Greer outside beating everybody at lacrosse.
Person B: But...I just saw her drawing inside.
Person C: Whoa, guys! She's EVERYWHERE at once! she's magical!
A, B, C: Omg HAWT marry me Greer!
by samboss1093 May 30, 2013
28 29
It's a verb, a noun, hell.. its even a preposition.

All is Greer, and all will always be Greer.
Hey man, you got any Greer for sale?

How many Greers could a Nick Greer, Greer... if a Nick Greer could Nick Greer? Answer: 4

Holy Greer Batman!
by Greer22 September 28, 2011
30 57
a very skilled man who can do just about anything, if he wants something he can do it, also is good with the ladies because of his skateboard tricks and music skills.
"hey did you see greer doing that nollie 180 kickflip grind?"
"Yeah dude, i wish i could do that! i'm not half as good as greer!"
by Sammy marvel, expert on greer. November 24, 2009
46 102
(n) a joke (v)to mess something up or to make worse (adj) something that is shady or messed up or joke-like
(n) Ok thats enough, quit being a Greer.
(v) Thats enough Greering around.
(adj)That movie is totally Greer-like.
by nahmg21 January 27, 2009
59 138
A very small penis
That David kid is such a loser, he has a Greer...
by The Red Scarf Girl July 26, 2009
98 179
The insertion of a freezer pop into an orifice other than the mouth.
Tanzy told Wonni she was chilly because she got greered in the vagina.
by Joe Mims September 23, 2007
83 173