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a watch that is modeled after a real rolex, but worse quality and cheaper price
I just got this sweet fauxlex at walmart for only 20 bucks!
by schenksta November 12, 2004
(abbreviation: fro)
a day that comes either right after a day off and before a weekend, or visa versa. This day feels like both a monday, and a friday and plays tricks with your mind
sun|mon|tue|wed|DAY OFF|fro| sat
by schenksta November 12, 2004
sunglasses that are modeled after real oakleys, but with worse quality, and a fraction of the cost
Look at that loser over there with his fauxkleys on
by schenksta November 12, 2004
the shape that is formed with a womans legs, and here visible vagina thorugh her pants/bikin/any other outfit
thats a nice crows foot that shes got goin on
see also camel toe}
by schenksta December 11, 2004
to own someone at their own game
i just greered you in paintball(see also: rooked
by schenksta November 11, 2004

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