A stupid thing or a stupid person.
Derived from unripe fruit being to "green" to pick, meaning only a stupid person would eat the green fruit.
Man that's so green.
by Kimmie-Kun July 30, 2011
The color of nature. Sponsor color for reusing, redusing, and recycling to help the planet.
"Why do we have to recycle anyway?"
"It's the school's way of going green."
by Jesse Rae August 05, 2009
Green is a color that means horny. Usually used for describing yourself or someone else.
1. Sora (Not from KH. Me and my friends have Japanese nicknames.): I like the color green cause I'm dark green!!!
2. That girl over there looks super green.
by Rinko May 20, 2009
1. a color 2. a term for nausea 3. a word that assholes use to describe any ostentatious effort to aid the environment.
1. Look, that car is green! 2. Man, I feel green. 3. Hey guys, I'm an asshole cause I'm going green!
by izack!!! April 22, 2008
horny, referring to the idea that colors can induce feelings. (Orange=hungry, blue=calm, red=angry, green=horny)
I was so green last night I hit the first slut I could find.
by me453 February 24, 2008
Someone Who is afraid or won't do things...like hold hand, kiss, or hug
We don't kiss because she is green
by American_Hotti October 10, 2006
when u did somebody wrong(like u are mean)
man dawg u green for dropin that water on my girlfriend.
by ryan December 13, 2003

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