money maker...someone that earns loads of money
A: damn u turnin into a 'green machine'
by Special-K July 05, 2005
Top Definition
when you puke in a girl's vagina while giving oral sex
OMG MOM!!!! Rob green machined me last night and it keeps leaking out!!!!!!
by DR. Moneygrabbergoldsilveberg August 07, 2010
A term used to describe those who are uncontrollable when it comes to hook ups. They hold no moral standards, and will give it up pretty easily. Often times they are found hooking up with a number of people in the same night.
Caitlin was such a green machine last night.

Amanda's hook ups last night made it clear that she is a green machine.
by LikeWHat September 18, 2008
the most badass car a person can possibly get in the entire world
hey u see the green machine yesterday?

na man i didnt see bc the crowd was too big already getting a peek
by cumof someyounguy May 04, 2011
the dankest of weed. see diggity dank or kind bud
yo, you got any green machine?
by allisonthedopeshit January 13, 2007
A meth-based ecstasy.

Will make you jittery and alert. You could probably take a test on green machine, or do something that requires a lot of focus. Makes everything pop out. If your mind is cleared before you pop it, you will feel energized and happy.
If you're taking it to get escape reality cause you're stressed, side effects are being angsty, paranoia, depression.
I'm on green machine right now.
by E-tarded Hottie September 03, 2009
The nickname for Joe's Green '94 Camaro.
Damn that thing is da Green Machine.
by SHAKEANBAKE August 10, 2006
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