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when everyone is online at one time.
wow! seems like everyone is flashing 'on line' right now....it must be an online now party!
by allisonthedopeshit January 10, 2007
someone that is stopping you, in some form, from getting cocaine. kind of like a cock block.
god damn leonard is bein a coke block! she won't share any!
by allisonthedopeshit May 05, 2008
the feeling you get when you see something so cute like a puppy or a baby and want to pinch its cheeks or squeeze it to death.
the emotion of inflicting pain on something so cute.
omg that midget is making me so nurshey right now. i just wanna go squeeze it to death!
by allisonthedopeshit January 19, 2007
slang for middle park high school located in granby, colorado.
another day in the life of a prisoner at mental park
by allisonthedopeshit January 16, 2008
when both ways to an intersection have red lights and both directions of traffic are stopped.
wow, that was a really long double redlight
by allisonthedopeshit January 16, 2008
slang for Grand County, Colorado.
Yo, I'll be back in the county in about 2 hours.
by allisonthedopeshit January 07, 2007
the dankest of weed. see diggity dank or kind bud
yo, you got any green machine?
by allisonthedopeshit January 13, 2007
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