an omnipresent force with extraordinary power that no one can see, but exists without doubt to those who place their faith in it every day – just like God.
It's nice to get up in the morning everyday and count on gravity being there.
by psbwthu July 30, 2011
Top Definition
Shit that keeps you on the ground
Look, it's gravity, or something.
by John Schaffer December 18, 2004
A women's worst enemy.
Wow, she used to be hot, not to mention perky, but gravity sure did get the best of her.
by Klosty March 21, 2006
The force that keeps us all from flying off the earth. The reason you don't find things just leisurely floating around the room without supernatural assistance.
Oh, gravity works!
by Prof. Brainard April 08, 2004
An item on Homer Simpson's revenge list.
"Lousy gravity..."
by Bastardized Bottomburp October 01, 2003
The weakest force ever, but the one with the most range. No object in the universe can escape gravity!
When stepping off a building, you will feel like an astronaut for 0.5 seconds, but then gravity will proceed to kick your ass.
by Mr. Crap July 03, 2005
1)The stuff that pulls you down to Earth. In general, it's just something that pulls objects towards other objects that have a gravitational pull.
2)A type of phone made by Samsung.
1)Earth's moon rotates Earth 'cause it has a gravitational pull.
2)I got the Gravity for T-Mobile in grey and green. It's really reliable due to the fact I dropped it like 10 times a day and it doesn't freeze like Smart Phones.
by ThatboiiKevinn June 13, 2009
A kind of smoking device that use the downward pull of water flowing out of a chamber. Allows a smoker to hold a chamber of smoke for a long period of time.
Joe and I ripped a gravity all night long in his hot tub, I'm not going to pass this drug test tomorrow.
by bigbigeric July 07, 2004
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