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The oldest, and still the best, trick in the book. Often said to another gullible person, and when said person pulls finger, and joker usually flatulates. In other words, dont pull no ones finger or they're gonna rip ass.
Dad: Hey. Pull my finger.

Son: ... HOW ABOUT "NO"?

Dad: :(
#fart #haha #owned #trick #pull #my #finger #dad
by Armthehobos July 26, 2007
Somewhat common personality disorder. Symptoms include not trusting people, holding grudges with ease, and taking jokes much too seriously.
Pros: No one can get you! Muahaha!
Cons: Hard to talk to people without you thinking they're gonna get you.
That guy over there keeps looking over his shoulder. He obviously suffers from paranoia.
#paranoia #personality disorders #schizoid #weird #goth
by Armthehobos May 23, 2007
A game for Playstation, Playstation 2, and PSP involving vehicles armed with guns, missiles, and anything destructive. The game has many sequels, all of which involving 2 of the same characters:
Sweet Tooth -- An evil clown with a flaming head. Runs an ice cream truck in which he killed people in before he was in the Contest.
Calypso -- Head of the Twisted Metal contest. Grants wishes to the winner of the contest, but often twists the wishes to his own delight.
Player one: Sweet Tooth will destroy you!

Player two: Wrong! *initiates special attack*

Player one: Oh my god! You killed me!

Player two: Thats Twisted Metal, PUNK! Bow down to me.
#pain #destruction #weapons #cars #games
by Armthehobos August 05, 2007
1.The force of attraction of a huge (often celestial) body and any smaller/larger (sometimes celestials) bodies in the area. Not to be confused with the attraction between to bodies due to magnetic forces.
2. In short, the greatest enemy of clumsy people.
1. The sun has the strongest gravity in our solar system.

2. Guy 1: Oh, look at Jerry! He fell down! 3rd time today.
Guy 2: Poor guy. Gravity has a grudge on him.
#gravity #g-force #energy #celestial #physics
by Armthehobos July 05, 2007
A hilarious name for oral sex. Often used as a joke, when people think the Hummer H series vehicles.
Son: Daddy, I want a hummer for christmas.

Dad: (laughing) Me too, son. Me too.
#car #blowjob #hummer #truck #laughs #joke
by Armthehobos September 12, 2007
1. Any photos or movies depicting men, women, and sometimes children and elderly people, in nudity/sexual acts.
2. What used to be art, 200-2000 years ago.
1. Johnny was caught with some pornography in his backpack. AGAIN.
2. Look at these paintings! All these women are naked! Who would put this pornography in an Art Gallery?
#pornography #nudity #naked #penis #vagina
by ArmTheHobos June 03, 2007
The most important joke of the day. If you dont laugh at it, you'll get sleepy around 11:30.
Sleepy dude: Aw man, why am I so tired, its only noon.

Me: Yeah, thats cause I told a breakfast joke and you didnt laugh at it.
#breakfast #joke #funny #daniel tosh #comedy
by Armthehobos June 15, 2007
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