An old man who's overly obsessed with his lawn, so he yells at people who go near it.
Old man: Hey! Get off my lawn, or I'll beat you with my cane!

Kid: Ugh, what a grasshole.
by Questionizer February 18, 2009
Person who doesn't participate in eco-friendly living. They chuck their recyclables, leave their lights on, grab a handful of plastic bags, drive their rumbling hummers through flocks of majestic birds and refuse to join the grassroots movement.
girl in front of me at Safeway triple-bagged her box of serial, what a #grasshole
by grassrootsmag February 09, 2012
a person your highly pissed of with for grassing on you. A mixure of grass and asshole
Aaron why did you tell on me you grasshole !
by CJ1995 December 08, 2010
A grasshole is man-child, who acts like a asshole with a golf caddy swagger to him. Usually, they are plagued with a shoddy Chicago accent and unusually hairy legs, most likely to protect the skin from the sunny golf courses.
"Lyle was such a grasshole when he got 'maad' and broke his golf club in two."
by Wam Silson and Aurora Eisiger September 05, 2009
a hairy asshole
Damn girl you got a grasshole

Watch out for her. she looks like a dime but she's actually a grasshole
by a2o? June 23, 2009
grasshole: can be used in two separate occasions
1. when one doesn't want to swear but imply 'asshole'

2. when one 'plays' dirty, with references to the gross shat under the grass
1. "Jaime is such a grasshole for dumping Liz."

2. "Eww, ur so perverted...go to the back and lick a grasshole or sumthin you CACK."
by AJ22885 June 03, 2005
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