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9 definitions by Sethington

The neighbor that refuses to mow his lawn more than once per month.
Did you see that lawn down the street? It must be a foot tall. What a grasshole !!
by Sethington June 10, 2008
46 13
A scantily clad woman at the gym who is there solely to meet men. Similar to a bimbo but found only at gyms.
Today I saw a gymbo on a treadmill that was so desperate to talk to a guy walking by, she slipped and totally ate it.
by Sethington June 10, 2008
56 24
A sometimes loud, always odorous, expulsion from the butt which occurs while sleeping. Also see fart.
Woman: I hardly slept at all last night.

Man: Why? Was I snoring?

Woman: Not exactly. You were butt snoring, which is why I ended up sleeping in the guest room.
by Sethington July 10, 2008
24 3
A snowman built by desperate children - typically after the first snowfall of the year, when the only available snow is the dirty brown snow left on the street by a snowplow. This results in a snowman that appears to be African-American.

Man 1: Whoa! Check out that snowman made with that nasty brown snow.

Man 2: That's no snowman, that's a Broman.
by Sethington June 10, 2008
55 40
1) Using your hands to visually describe the size, shape, or movement of a woman's breasts.
2) A woman using her breasts to persuade a member of the opposite sex. Such as unbuttoning to avoid a traffic ticket.
Woman: He should have given me a ticket, but a few buttons removed and some breastures got me off with a warning.
by Sethington July 26, 2008
15 2
1) A person who talks while sitting on the toilet taking a dump in a public restroom.

2) A person who stands outside a public restroom stall talking to another person who is taking a dump in the stall.
I was trying to take a dump at work and this "stallker" was standing outside the stall and wouldn't stop talking to me.
by Sethington July 10, 2008
21 9
A photo of someone else's face or body falsely used as your own on an internet site such as MySpace.
Woman: "On your MySpace pic you had six pack abs and big arms."

Man: "Ohhhh... that wasn't me, that's just my iBod."
by Sethington July 26, 2008
12 1